Learn about GroupSync Housing: https://groups360.com/organizer-solutions/housing/

How do I get access to GroupSync Housing to manage my event accommodation?

  1. If you are working with a GroupSync Travel Partner, you will receive an invitation via email that provides access, click the link within the email to activate your account.

  2. If you are not working with a GroupSync Travel Partner, please contact support@groups360.com to request an account.

For current account holders

Once you have your account and wish to access it again, open your browser (Chrome is a good choice) and, in the address bar, type in https://app.idem.events/  (or click this link). You will be asked for your email address and password. Enter them and you're in!

Forgot your password?

If you forget your password, click this link https://app.idem.events/forgot-password and follow the prompts.

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