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How do I change / edit my reservation?
How do I change / edit my reservation?

I need to change my reservation. Can I edit my reservation online?

Written by Chris Sanders
Updated over a week ago

Editing your reservation online is a simple process. Simply follow these steps;

Navigate back to the accommodation booking website by either;

(1) Locate your Confirmation email and click Manage My Reservation.
(2) Return to the accommodation booking website and click My Reservations from the top right of the screen, add the email address you used to make your booking and click Send My Booking Details. When you receive the email, click Manage My Reservation. You will be taken directly to your current reservation online.

My Reservations

Choose your reservation from the list and click View Details 

Check the Cancellation and Booking Policies. 

From here, you can edit three (4) areas;

  1. Room Details: Change Room Type and Check-in and Check-out Dates

  2. Guest Details: Edit your details and add or remove additional guests

  3. Travel Information: Update your Travel arrangements to let the Hotel know when to expect you.

  4. Loyalty: Add or update your Loyalty membership details (where applicable for the Hotel)

Click the Edit link on the section you wish to change,

Make your adjustments and click Save on that section,

Then Preview and Continue at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed all your edits, click the Confirm button at the top or bottom of the page. 

You will receive a Confirmation email with all of your updates.

NOTE: Reservation Cancelations are not permitted Online, please check with your Hotel or Event Planner to cancel your booking.

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