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What is the purpose of GroupSync for Meeting Planners?
What is the purpose of GroupSync for Meeting Planners?

How GroupSync transforms meeting planning

Written by Chris Sanders
Updated over a week ago

You create memorable experiences. You drive performance. You bring people together to change the world. Your industry peers designed GroupSync to simplify searching, sourcing and booking hotel rooms and meeting space so you can focus on what matters most — crafting a memorable event experience. GroupSync has helped place thousands of events at the right venue, saving meeting planners like you time and money.

Groups360 exists to make life easier for meeting and event planners. GroupSync Planner Solutions feature a suite of integrated technology tools to streamline sourcing destinations and venues, enable direct booking for small meetings, and simplify room-block reservations. Using GroupSync Marketplace, planners can search and compare among 200,000 properties worldwide without ads and pop-ups, making shopping a quicker, more seamless experience. Using GroupSync, you regain your most valuable resource — time.

Our product will help save time and money, as well as helping hoteliers streamline their processes. Through an efficient and transparent search process, a planner can pre-qualify themselves for hotels they deem desirable. This qualification process builds confidence in the planners so that they evaluate and request bids from fewer hotels than they would using our competitors' process.

From the hotel's perspective, our highly qualified lead transacts extremely efficiently. Since they are competing with fewer hotels than others provide, hotels have a higher conversion rate on our leads. In addition, the bookings transact quicker, allowing sales teams to spend more time selling and less time qualifying.

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